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What is the cancelation policy at FlatoMusic? 

At FlatoMusic a 3 day notice of cancellation is required. In case of a shorter notice of cancellation, since the time is reserved for the student, the lesson fee needs to be paid in full for the missed lesson. In this case the teacher offers you a free makeup lesson during the same week. Makeup lessons however are not guaranteed as the offered spot might not suit the student or there may not be any available time to offer as a makeup.

This policy is applied to school holidays and public holidays too.


What is the best age for a kid to start taking guitar lessons?

Based on the experience there are three factors necessary for a kid to start learning guitar.

  1. Being able to count

  2. Knowing the alphabet

  3. Being able to concentrate for 20-30 mins

In Flatomusic Lessons there are students as young as 4. So if you are keen for your child to take guitar lessons you can book an intro lesson and do a trial.


As a parent can I attend my child’s lessons?

Of course you can. This way you will have a better idea how to help your child during the practice time at home.


Can I pay for my lesson each week?

Yes you can.


Do you teach at students places?

Yes we do. It depends on the teacher’s availability and the student’s location.


How often should I have guitar lessons?

Weekly lessons help you gain consistency and progress faster in developing your music knowledge and guitar playing skills.


Do I need to purchase any book before starting the guitar lessons?

We will give you the details of the book in the intro lesson.


How much do I need to practice guitar?

The consistency is always more important than the time you spend practicing in the beginning of your guitar playing journey. Practicing at least five times a week regularly and spending 20-30 mins each time would help you to progress faster.


How long will it take me to be able to play guitar?

There is no set answer for this question. It depends on how much you spend time practicing every week and how consistent and committed you are. The learning speed for everyone is different but in FlatoMusic suitable methods are applied to make the process of learning as fast as possible.


What do you cover in the lessons?

Music theory, sight reading, rhythm, technique, reading chord notations.


Do I need to have my own instrument at home?

Between the lessons every week, you need to practice at home. Therefore you need to have your guitar at home. We are always happy to give you advice to find a suitable guitar for yourself.


How can I book for a lesson?

Simply by contacting us on 0450 231 123 or you can book your free intro lesson.


Is it too late for me to start taking guitar lessons?

It is never too late to start playing guitar. Based on the previous experiences, adults can learn to play guitar easily. What it takes is practice and enthusiasm.


I would like to play guitar for leisure and just for fun. Can you help me with that?

In Flatomusic it is all about having fun and easy guitar lessons.

How long is each guitar lesson?

For kids it is recommended to have half an hour lesson and for adults it is usually an hour.


I have no background of music and guitar, can you help me?

Of course we can.  In Flatmusic Lessons it is believed that everyone is able to learn to play guitar and everyone has musical ability. Through the most practical and popular methods which are designed for different age groups, in Flatomusic learning to play guitar becomes an easy and possible journey for everyone.


What is the cost of each guitar lesson?

$35 for half an hour| $55 for an hour lesson.

Where are guitar lessons held?

At our studio in Wentworth Point NSW (3 mins walk from Wentworth Point public school) or AT YOUR HOME .

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