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It is all about learning the guitar in a fun and friendly environment. At FlatoMusic we believe that everybody can learn music in a very easy and enjoyable way. We provide a structured and professional music program that is fun and educational for all ages and all levels.


We use a variety of recognised music methods to help you progress with all the skills required to reach your musical goals. We offer a free intro lesson to kids and adults. If you don't have a guitar we happily give advice to help you with buying your first guitar. Students are also welcome to use guitars from the studios to get a feel for the different options available.


Lessons are held at the convenience of your home or in a relaxed studio environment in Wentworth Point. We offer one on-one lessons as well as group lessons. Our Studio in Wentworth Point is in a convenient location close to wharf station and free shuttles to Rhodes train station stop right in front of our studio.


Teachers at FlatoMusic are passionate guitar tutors in Sydney who can’t imagine themselves doing anything but teaching and performing music.


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Where words fail, music speaks

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