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Welcome To FlatoMusic Guitar Lessons

Two full time guitar tutors with 10 years of teaching experience in Sydney got together to provide affordable and fun guitar lessons to students of all age, from absolute beginners, kids and adults. Classes are held at our studio in Wentworth Point or at your place depending on availability of teachers.  



Ideal for …


  • Students of all age, from absolute beginners, kids to adults.

  • Students who are willing to do AMEB exams.

  • Those who want to pursue guitar professionally and join ensembles. 



Lesson content



Flatomusic guitar lesson is on a one to one basis and it’s based on the most proven methods. Depending on student level we teach:


  • Music theory, rhythm strumming patterns and chords.

  • Develop techniques and harmony knowledge.

  • Sight reading.


Learning outcomes


We are committed to make sure that students have:


  • Learned required techniques for playing the guitar.

  • Performed a repertoire of simple enjoyable pieces.

  • Developed and improved skills of those who already play.



The whole purpose of our guitar lessons is to make sure that the process of learning is fun and easy for you or for your children, based on the most practical and popular methods and at an affordable price.


So, Please come prepared.


Please provide your own guitar book your free first lesson and be ready for fun guitar lessons.

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